Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The Didsbury Kitchen lies in the parade of shops on Lapwing Lane. We stopped off here for some tea & cake on Monday afternoon. The choice of cakes were quite limited, but cant fault the carrot cake I had - it was tasty and moist and they weren't shy with the icing. My fellow afternoon tea diner opted for a cupcake which he seemed to enjoy! And we had a nice big teapot for our "pot of tea for two". Wouldn't go miles out the way to go to the Didsbury Kitchen, but if you are passing its a good place to stop for a nice cuppa & a piece of cake.
They also did a rather good looking (and very reasonably priced) English Breakfast - but we didnt try that - just saw some other diners eating it - might be worth considering for then next time I need a hangover breakfast!

~ Greedy Manc John.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Olly Smith the rather marvellous wine critic is one of our heros so we tweeted him "Hi @JollyOlly you are ace, and we love you". Mr Smith seemed genuinly touched and replied "Wow, what a lovely message to receive. Thank you :)" - Olly Smith we salute you and will be raising a glass to you soon!
If you dont know how brilliant Olly Smith is, then check out this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBQ8VY90DMk&feature=share&list=UUUc_u9sb4oIWtzldN6wgaXA (and check out the painting on the wall behind him - brilliant!)



For our first restaurant review, we decided to go to the Spanish restaurant El Rincon - just off Deansgate - which is why we are bringing you a review of the Whim Wham Cafe (long story, but it involved walking in the rain and a 2 hour wait for a table - so went here instead).
The Whim Wham Cafe is a delight - sat on one of the railway arches on Whitworth Street - it is an old fashioned Gin Saloon/cafe/restaurant/entertainment venue.
Upon entering we were approached by a friendly young lady who seated us & bought us beers! Alex had a Brooklyn Larger (actually brewed in Brooklyn) and John had a Beartown Bearskinfull Bitter (brewed in the more glamourous town of Congleton!)
After a ponder over the menu - we ordered our food. For Starters: Alex opted for the Pan fried chicken Livers with wild mushroom, spinach and cream sauce served on a date & rye bread. The sauce was spicey but delicious and the livers were not overcooked and lovely and pink inside. John (being a cheese addict) went for the deep fried Cheshire Cheese with beetroot chutney, the cheese was warm and creamy and the beetroot chutney gave a pleasant zing to the dish & was served with rocket & balsamic vinegar - 2 splendid starters!
For mains we both opted for pie & horseradish mash - Alex having Cheese & Onion, and John having the Steak & Ale pie - both served with some lovely minted peas & a small pot of gravy! The pies were pietastic! A light pastry with a moist tasty filling - a very tasty pair of pies!
A very reasonably priced meal with starters, mains and 2 beers each totalling just pennies over £40 (thats only £20 each) - for the price the food was outstanding. The ambiance and the service was a real treat - with even the owner Alix having a jolly chinwag with us and checking everything was ok.
After eating we stayed in there for a few of the gin themed cocktails (both were fresh and extreemly good!) and at 10pm the offensive magician provided some top entertainment to finish off the evening.
We highly reccomend this eatery for a good meal,service and entertainmet! GO TO THE WHIM WHAM!!!

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Saturday, 25 August 2012


As one of our first Tweets as Two Greedy Mancunians we sent Simon Rimmer (Celebrity chef & local restaurant owner) the following message "Hi @SimonRim can we eat at your restaurant for free ........please?"
We were delighted to get a response from him..... alas it read "no but thanks for asking" - oh well maybe another time!


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