Saturday, 3 November 2012


Baically if you like meat then look no further than Bem Brasil. It quite literaly is a meat eaters heaven! On Friday night we arrived at Bem Brasil to find it busy, but they managed to find a table available for us. And seated us, the waitress gave us the rundown on how the restaurant works and took our drinks order - we went for a Brahma (Brasillian beer). Basically each table has cards that are red on one side and green on the other, when on green the servers come over with a big skewer of meat and carve directly at your table and just keep coming until you switch it back to red. Seemed silly not to have it permanently on green (and at times it did fee like a Man vs Food challenge to keep up with the meat arriving). Now its not just meat I should say. You get a plate and there is a salad bar with lots of tasty items to have as an accompanyment to your meat feast - I particularly enjoyed a good ladel of the bean and pulled pork sauce alongside my salad bits - but the star attraction is the meats - all are rotisary grilled over a flaming barbeque, and are cooked to perfection (the beef for example chargrilled nicely on the outside, and beautifully rare on the inside). We had various types of pork, chicken (both spicy & wrapped in bacon), lamb, spicey choritzo style sausages & lots of different beef cuts. You can also tell instantly that the meat is not only all cooked to perfection, but of the highest quality. A mighty feast and for £25 - you feel like you have had 3 or 4 main courses worth of food - Two Greedy Mancunians say keep your cards on green!!! & highly reccomend Bem Brasil to all meat eaters out there.

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