Sunday, 29 June 2014


The latest stop on my around the world in 80 dishes it Malta!
Maltese cooking it seems isnt just opening a bag of Malteasers, after a thorough search throug Maltese recipes I cam across the layered pork based dish Majjal Bhal Fil-Forn.
4 pork loin steaks
savoy cabbage
1 granny smith apple
1 large onion
2 slices of bacon
2 large baking potatoes
dried cranberries
smoked paprika
fennel seeds
100ml water
olive oil
This is a really easy dish to make!
In a large casserole dish layer some of the cabbage and add the 2 slices of bacon (cut into pieces)
Grate a Granny Smiths apple and add that on top, followed by a layer of sliced onion.
Next up is a layer of the pork loin steaks
slice the potatoes and layer on top of the pork, add the 100ml of water the then give it all a good grind of salt & pepper. Add the nutmeg, smoked paprika & plenty of fennel seeds ontop.
Finally, drizzle a good glug of olive oil over the top and throw in plenty of dried cranberries. Put a lid on it and bung in an oven on 180C for 1hr 20mins.
Plate up a portion making sure to keep the pork loin whole & enjoy!
A rather tasty trip to Malta!

Countries to go: 77

Countries done:
#1 Peru
#2 Oman
#3 Malta

Keep following the Greedy Mancunians to see what country I 'visit' next!

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