Saturday, 4 April 2015


On the website for Reds True Barbecue, it reads "Step through the imposing wooden doors of the former Shipping Agent’s Building and be transported into a twisted fairground of worship". This house of worship is for those with a belief in meat & quality barbecueing!

The first thing that strikes you upon entering is the glorious smell of the grill! That chargrill heavenly BBQ odor making you salivate and wanting to get stuck in to a mighty feast.
The ambiance is warm, lively, with a hint of junkyard-chic & neon, and a cracking soundtrack (some quality rockin tunes are playing whilst the grill sizzles away.

The food we ate was really enjoyable (but don't go here if you are a health-nut). I went for the Donut Burger - a couple of juicy flame grilled steak patties, with bacon, cheese & onions served between 2 sweet glazed donuts! Oh gosh - the salt and the sweet really worked and was tasty as hell. I had this with sweet potato fries and homemade slaw. It was everything I expected and some more and left me a very satisfied customer.

My fellow Greedy Mancunian opted for the rack of ribs (KC-Wet Baby Backs) - its gotta be done in a BBQ joint! Again they were superb, with an unholy BBQ sauce & sides of barbecue greens & cornbread. We washed down our meals with a couple of Red's own brew - Idle Hands Craft Lager. 
All in all a tasty feast that left us stuffed and satisfied (and a reasonable price for the amount and quality of the food). I now have a faith in Reds True Barbecue - I believe!

Details of the Manchester Reds True Barbecue (and its other branches - Headingly, Leeds & Nottingham) along with its menus can be found here:


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  1. The only way that red's true barbecue could possibly be described on this occasion: Very meat, much full. Wow.

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