Sunday, 2 December 2012


Myself and my fellow Greedy Mancucian , had the pleasure of atteneding the grand opening of a new, New York vibe restaurant in the Spinningfields area of Manchester called Neighbourhood, at Avenue North. I always love events like this as it gives a chance to but my best fragrance and clothes on for the evening (as you can see from the above photos I came dressed as Inspector Cluzo & John came dressed as Compo from Last of the Summer Wine).
Myself and John met at a very cold Picadilly train station and made the short walk accross to the venue. Upon our arival into the venue we were greeted at the door by two pleasent bouncers (which can be rare these days), as we went in the place was all ready busy, with the young business types that tend to frequent Spinningfields, the sound of of modern tech house music was playing, this didnt spoil the atmosphere at all and I think it probably added to the vibe and the style i think the venue is looking for. At the desk we were greeted by two very attractive young ladies, infact the whole team were young and good looking (including the men) with a set uniform of braces, bow ties and coverse trainers for most of the staff - again this fitted in with the vibe of the place.
The decor & layout of the venue to me fitted in with what the owners were looking for - it did look like a lower east side bar in Manhattan, and it gave me the feeling that the great Andy Worhol was just about to enter followed by David Bowie - it just gave me that feeling. The bar was well stocked with good quality spirits which is always good to see behind any bar, and all the bar staff were pleasent and new what they were doing. Myself and John were given two free vouchers for drinks with which you could have a bottle of beer or the house cocktail, which was a passion fruit flavoured cocktail, but they always go down a bit to quick! We were also told that a selection of the menu would soon be comming round. We were hopeing to sample a good selection of the menu, but due to it being busy and it being opening night, we only got to try 2 of the canopees. This is the only bit of the night i was slightly dissapointed by, I say only a little, because we were fully enjoying the vibe of the place and the good time i was having with John took the edge of it. But the two selections we did get to try were both very good, the first was chicken on the bone (the only problem with serving chicken on the bone nibbles was that nobody knew what to do with their bones afterwards, so we quickly polished off our cocktails and popped the bones in the empties!) The chicken however was nice and had a lovely sauce in it, but there was a bit to much skin on for my liking, the second was a mini burger which was delicious, the taste of the burger was spot on, cooked well and well seasoned.
And that is all i can tell you about the food, because thats all we had, but while you are reading this, dont let that bit but you off, it was a opening night of the venue afterall & I think it went very well for the owners as everyone was having a great time & we met some top people and had a really good laugh - although after Neighbourhood our evening ending in Mojos on copious Brandy Alexanders was great fun at the time, but not good for the head the next morning (you know who you are!!!). Would I go back to Neighbourhood? The answer is yes, I would definately go back in the evening for drinks before moving on, & would i go back to eat? The answer is also yes, but personally i would like to go back to eat one leisurely afternoon, because i would love to have a proper taste of the menu, and try all the different foods they have availble (the full menu looked fantastic). And finally would i recommend to friends? Yes i would - i really enjoyed the atmosphere ,the music and the people that were there. So if you're reading this make sure you swing by Neighbourhood next time you're in the.......... neighbourhood! 

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