Sunday, 16 December 2012


Yes - as the name suggests the Pancake corner mainly seves pancakes and is on a corner! This pancake house can be found on Gloucester Road in Urmston (Greater Manchester).

On a recent Saturday afternoon, we decided to stop off in here to make a change from afternoon tea and cake, and afterall who doesnt like pancakes (and I had heard about their marvellous milkshakes!)
It was empty when we arrived but we didnt let that put us off. It is located on a bit of a back street, so I imagine they might struggle for passing trade, but I would happily say if you happen to find yourself in Urmston - then its certainly worth heading down for a pancake. As you can see on the menu - the prices are all very reasonable and there are plenty of varieties of both savoury and sweet pancakes.

I went for a savoury pancake - the Breakfast - which was filled with Cheese, Mushroom, Tomatoes and a fried egg. The pancake was just the right thickness to contain the filling without falling apart and despite a measly token gesture of salad on the corner of the plate was simply presented. It was pretty damn tasty too! It didnt take long to wolf the whole thing down.
Sadly, my partner in crime and fellow Greedy Manc Alex wasnt present at this particular outing. But my friends (and stand-in Greedy Mancs for the day) both went for sweet pancakes - one opting for the classic Original (sugar and lemon) and the other going for 'the Good, the Bad & the Spicy' (apple, nutella and cinnamon) - both came presented with a lovely star in the icing sugar.
Needless to say I managed to sneak a taste from both! The original Lemon and Sugar one - I felt could have done with a little more lemon juice, but as a classic pancake it was absolutly fine. The Good the Bad and the Spicy one was very nice and I think with out the apple it would have been a bit sickly, but was spot on with all its 3 ingredients combined! All in all 3 lovely pancakes!
On to the aforementioned 'legendary' milkshakes - as you can see from the menu - you can have pretty much any of your favourite chocolate bars in milkshake form! I am a big fan of dark chocolate and decided to go for the Lindt Dark Chocolate milkshake - it really did not dissapoint - one of the nicest milkshakes I've had in a long time. It was rich and creamy with that lovely frothy icecreamyness of a good milkshake with the delicious bitter taste of quality dark chocolate! Mmmmmmmm! Even if you dont want a pancake, you should definateley stop by for a milkshake!
So all in all - it really was a nice alternative to afternoon tea & cake. The pancakes were very nice and very reasonably priced - and although I probably wouldnt trek across Manchester just to go here, I would fully recommend anyone who finds themselves in Urmston to seek out the pancake corner and stop off for a bite to eat..... and of course a milkshake!
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