Thursday, 31 January 2013


After reading about Foodie Penpals on a few people's blogs - I decided to sign up and join the world of sending and receiving food parcels to fellow foodies. Upon signing up I was assigned a German fellow called Marco, and I excitedly put together a box of some interesting foodie bits and pieces and got it sent off to him. He seemed pleased with what he received.  On the list this month of who was sending to me, I was very happy to see my box was coming from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) & I wasn't dissapointed when it arrived. 

I opened my box to see a lovely big chunk of Dutch Cheese - a 3 year matured hard gouda style cheese - not dissimilar to Reypanaer - a Dutch cheese I reviewed on my cheeseblog the mighty cheeseboard (

I also got 2 packs of biscuits. One pack was like a cinamon biscuit with almond flakes on the outside. And the other was the delicious (very European style) biscuits which are half coated with a fantastic dark chocolate - the type of glorious chocolate that you can smell the instant the packet is opened.

Another item in my box was a pack of sprinkles - some dark chocolate, some milk chocolate & some hundreds and thousands style sprinkles - always good to have in the cupboard to jazz up a pudding or to decorate a cake with. The final item in the box was a little bit disappointing as it was a bag of liquorice - am not particularly a fan of liquorice, but my foodie penpal wasnt to know that - so was still very happy with my box of delights - and my Dad was a happy man as I gave the bag of liquorice to him - he thoroughly enjoyed it! So thank you Cees for being a top foodie penpal & I will look forward to finding out my penpal for February!

Right...... i have some biscuits to finish off!!!

The Lean Green Bean

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