Sunday, 17 February 2013


If you like chilli and enjoy Indian pickles then you should check out LovePickle!

They are available in 4 different heat strengths from mild to extra hot - and 2 greedy Mancunians got a jar from each end of the range.  Having started at the mild end - we soon realised it was a nice fresh tasting pickle (all of the range are "handmade from the finest ingredients: ripe tomatoes, fresh chillies, garlic, ginger, mustard oil and seeds plus a selection of carefully selected quality herbs and spices"), but it still had a strong chilli kick. I must admit with a good dose of heat to the mild pickle I was apprehensive to try the extra hot. Yes it was hotter, but not so hot it just overshadowed any flavour - infact I felt the extra chilli in it seemed to have an affect on the flavour - it was less sharp and vinegary than the mild pickle and had a deeper & richer tomato flavour as well as the extra chilli flavour. Both were really nice good quality chutneys and are very versatile - going well with cold meats & cheeses, or served as an accompaniment or to add flavour and heat to Indian meals.

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Twitter: @Lovepickle_uk

I'm off to have some more LovePickle with a nice warm naan bread! mmmmmmmmmm

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