Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Well, the great British weather is here at last, so no need to escape for some sun, well, at lease for the next 10 days or so, then I'm sure the misery will set back in. So...... you may want to head to the airport in the near future - if you do you are in for a real good treat! The new food court and the Grain Loft bar & restaurant are now fully open in Terminal 1.

We'll start with the downstairs food court.... to get you in the real holiday spirit there is ice cream available from a new permanent ice cream van from Manchester's renowned Gingers Comfort Emporium offering a selection of quality ice creams including their flagship flavour of salted caramel & peanut butter (sometimes known as Chorlton Crack).

Also on offer in the downstairs food court is a selection of continental baguettes at the Upper Crust, and some pasties at the ingeniously named "The Pasty Shop" who claim their pasties are handmade in Cornwall.

The other delight available in the main food court is Mi Casa Burritos who offer exceptional tasty burritos - we were fortunate to sample some little beef treats - an explosion (maybe I shouldnt use that word when talking about the airport) of Mexico in your mouth!
That concludes the food on offer in the new downstairs food court area, so with a stride in our step we ventured up to the Grain Loft - the Beer, Wine & Food extravaganza!

Upon arrival to the Grain Loft we were shown round its high tech seating booths where you can plug in your smartphone or i-pod/i-pad to play your own music within your booth - good for families, or the pull your own pint section at the back good for groups wanting to beer-up before boarding their easyjet flight to Ibiza. Foodwise - basically the Grain Loft offers good quality pub food - for those wanting something a bit more substantial to get them through their flight paired with good quality, local brewed beers.

We got to sample a selection of the menu and can recommend the chicken cooked with a beer can up its arse (shown in the title photo) accompanied with some really good chips. Other favourites we sampled were the steak which was perfectly cooked and of superb quality meat. And for a most delicious heart attack before jetting off you need to try the black pudding fritters with beer mustard dip - possibly the best thing i have put in my mouth all week! Yum!

The main beers on offer at the Grain Loft were brewed from brewers Thornbridge - based in the lovely town of Bakewell (where the tarts come from) who offer some real tasty ales including Jaipur & Kipling.  So next time you are at Manchester's Terminal 1- make sure you fill up with some quality food & drink.

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