Sunday, 8 December 2013


Coming across the delightful Noesis in Urmston was one of my favourite finds of the year - a new stylish teashop in Urmston. Its certainly not all style over substance though, they take their teas (and coffee) seriously. 

Each tea on the (ever expanding) tea menu comes in an infusing pot with its own timer ready to beep when the optimum brewing time is reached. Upon beeping its ready to pop on top of your pot to drain the tea out and into your teapot ready for pouring and  drinking. If you enjoy quality teas served at their best then make Noesis your next stop.

The owners are incredibly friendly and will make you feel very welcome, and the d├ęcor is warming with its wooden counters and tables. And if you want to rest for a nice relaxing cuppa there is a very comfy sofa in the corner with a chunky coffee table and a selection of newspapers. Just the treat for a Saturday afternoon after a hard days shopping.  There's also a good selection of cakes and biscuits available and a selected range of paninnis if you need something more with your drink.

It certainly is good to see places like Noesis opening up in Urmston, helping it catch up with its foodie neighbours Didsbury & Chorlton.

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