Sunday, 20 July 2014


In honour of a recent World Cup win - I'm cooking some German cuisine this week!
And where would German cuisine be without the humble Bratwurst - so I decided it has to be the classic bratwurst & sauerkraut - served with potatoes with bacon. 
1 pack of good quality Bratwursts
1 Granny Smith apple
Light brown sugar
Dark brown sugar
1 large onion
Bacon (not pictured below)
Salt & Pepper
Brown Beer/Ale
Balsamic Vinegar
Take a couple of cups worth of sauerkraut from the jar and rinse thoroughly and drain, then thinly slice up half the onion and apple. in a frying pan add 3 tablespoons of butter and melt - then add the onion, fry for a minute before adding the sauerkraut and apple - when these start to soften add a sprinkling of the light brown sugar & a good grind of pepper and add a glug or 2 of beer (you can enjoy the rest of the beer either whilst you cook or served with the meal itself). Turn heat down low and cover - this should cook for 30-40 mins, check and stir occasionally making sure it isn't drying out & sticking to the pan.
Slice up your potatoes about 1/4 inch thick, and dice the bacon and remainder of the onion. Cook the bacon pieces and onion in a pan, adding a few tablespoons worth of balsamic vinegar. Then add the sliced potatoes with a sprinke of salt (not too much as the bacon will be salty too) and a teaspoon of dark brown sugar - finally add a small dash of water, cover and turn to a low heat. As with the Sauerkraut this will need to be checked and stirred occasionally to ensure it isnt sticking - if it is - then add another dash more water. This will need 20-30 mins or until the potatoes are cooked through.
Last but not least - you will need to put on the Bratwursts - using a large frying pan, melt 2 tablespoons of butter and put in the Bratwursts - turn to coat the Brats in the butter and add a cup of water - keep at a medium temp, so they cook in the water as is evaporates, top up the water whenever it is about to run dry and turn occationally - after 20 mins, let the water evaporate and brown in the remaining butter.
Plate up your sauerkraut, potatoes & bacon, and 1 or 2 bratwursts (being a Greedy Mancunian I went for 2) - serve with a dollop of wholegrain or brown mustard & a couple of slices of sourdough bread & butter.

Countries to go: 74

Countries done:
#1 Peru
#2 Oman
#3 Malta
#4 Sweden
#5 Botswana
#6 Germany

Keep following the Greedy Mancunians to see what country I 'visit' next!  

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