Thursday, 7 August 2014


Well the Two Greedy Mancunians were out again on Thursday the 31st July, We had been invited to a evening at Nandos (Arndale) to sample a new menu.
A new menu I hear you say at Nandos surely not!!!
The evening started with a stroll through the Andale which I must admit I hadn’t ventured in for years, because it always had that pants reputation, but what a shock I had there was many restaurants and clothes stores and i will certainly be going back.
When we arrived the Two Greedy Mancunians seemed to be in a Arndale daze as it took us 10 min to realise we were standing outside Bella Italia, eventually we found Nandos which was next door & we were greeted by a lovely member of staff who guided us upstairs to where we were all to meet.
To my suprise there were many foodies & bloggers invited & there was a good atmosphere (could it have been the offer of free beer and wine that did the trick)
There was one couple who arrived late & sat down for all of 10 minutes then left because they were sat next to the toilets.  I'm sure people do this for the attention, just get over it please you are not at a Michelin starred restaurant, you are at Nandos. Just enjoy the company and the atmosphere (and on  behalf of Nandos the toilets were clean and there were no bad smells)

So the manger gave us a brief introduction of the history of Nandos and it was clear she really did enjoy her job which is great to see.
The food we had was a sample of the new menu we were first given a plate of olives, toasted pitta bread, a red pepper dip & a lovely hummous. Then out came our first lot of chicken, we had bonless chicken thighs which i really enjoyed. The chicken was really moist and very tasty,  there was also sweet potato wedges (nice big chunky wedges too) which again were really very good.
More chicken was piled upon us and being Two Greedy Mancunians we did our best to help eat it all up.  They also did a chicken roullette, different chicken in different strength sauces, you had to pick one, and one could have been extremely hot, it was all fun.
Then all of a sudden a giant cock came out of the back, people seemed to be having their photo taken with the cock and some were touching the cock, then I realised it was the Nandos mascot 'Barci'.
There isn’t much more i can say we both had a really good evening, Nandos put on a really good feast, and some people don’t like Nandos, but I do. I have been a few times and always enjoyed it.
I’m not saying I go all the time but if you want a quick lunch or quick evening meal (and you like chicken) then you really can’t go wrong, the food is good, staff are always pleasant and it is all at a reasonable price. And you know Nandos must be doing something right because the restaurants are always busy, which to me is always a great sign.
The night wasnt just about Nandos, it was also in aid of promoting the Arndale's "Get Your Eat On" campaign. Basically for the whole of August you can download or pick up a booklet of vouchers for most of the food places in the Arndale, so what are you waiting for, go get your eat on!

Visit: for further details and to download the vouchers.
Thank you to Nandos and the Arndale for putting on a great, fun evening.
Greedy Mancuinan (Alex)


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