Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I have lived in Dukinfield, Tameside for about 7 years, and I am sad to say I have only recently discovered this delight ,the Church Chippy is a cock stride from my abode, which is handy.

The Church Chippy is a little gem of a place, I sampled its delights on a Friday evening, when I couldnt be arsed to cook. When i got there the place was rammed, it took me a good half hour to be served but it was well worth the wait.

The menu was a delight to study while I was waiting, I noticed the fish is cooked to order, so its not left warming under a light bulb, so it was mine turn next, I decided on a traditional rag pudding, chips peas and gravy (you also get a choice of gravy, I went for the mince and onion one), I also had a can of vimto and a buttered muffin (yes I know some people dont call them muffins, but where I live you do)

I ran home home with my bag of delights like a little child, I couldnt wait to get back and eat this feast on my lap whilst watching the oneshow, the taste of the rag pudding was out of this world, moist with plent of gravy inside, the chips were just right not soaked in to much oil, and the gravy, well I could of just eaten  that on its own, all mopped up with a nice muffin and washed down with can of Vimto.......BEAUTIFUL!!

So if you are ever passing Dukinfield, make sure you stop at the Church Chippy, Church Street, you will regret it if you dont!

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