Thursday, 20 September 2012


At work - I work in an office environment during the day (need to pay for all the food I eat somehow!) - the latest craze is everyone signing up to - basically it costs £3.89 a week and you get delivered (to your home or workplace) a box of treats. These are different each time but generally revolve around nuts, seeds, treats, olives, dried fruit, mini cakes & breads etc. Aslo if you dont like certain things then you can log on and select against their range (the website has the full list of over 100 selections - check it out at: that you never want to recieve that item. In short its a tasty & generally healthy selection of 4 treats a week for £3.89 - and there is no long term subscriptions - you can cancel at any time.

As an idea of what you might get in a box here is what I received in my latest box:

Yaki Soba (soba peanuts, edamame beans, noodles & chilli broad beans)
Fig & Cherry Preserve (figs, cherries and plums)
Florentine (belgium dark chocolate, cranberries & pumpkin seeds)
Summer Berry Flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry infused cranberries)

All were very tasty - so join the Graze revolution and get yourself signed up!
I'll leave you with their video advert:

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  1. I ended up cancelling mine. I worked out they would cost £210 a year if I had one every week!