Friday, 14 September 2012


We all know that Gregg Wallace (from Masterchef) loves a good pudding - he even has a book out on his favourite puddings (see pic above). We thought it was time to get the definitive answer of what Mr Wallace considers to be his actual favourite pudding of all time, so 2 Greedy Mancunians took to twitter to ask the great man himself........ with no hessitation came the one worded reply "Crumble" - so there you have it another mystery solved!

If you enjoy a good pudding, or just love Gregg then go out and buy his book - or if you really really love Gregg then you can get one of these (temporary) tattoos we came across on the internet in this article! (see photo & link below) Enjoy!

Right think we might go and rustle up a nice Crumble - the question is Apple or Rhubarb???

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