Saturday, 29 September 2012


Upon arrival, straight off the megabus (I can assure you there is nothing "mega" about it) to London Victoria I decided to grab myself some lunch.
Heading in the general direction of Buckingham Palace I passed several sandwich/deli style shops. My first thought was to stop in one of these for a grilled paninni - but with the average cost of around the £5 mark, I thought for just a few quid more I could stop for lunch in a nice looking Sri Lankan Restaurant I had passed on the coach just round the corner. About 5 minutes walk from victoria station I found it on Lower Grosvenor Place - the Sekara Sri Lankan Restaurant. A humble family run Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine curry house directly behind Buckingham Palace, with a reasonably priced lunch menu (average of £5 - £6 per dish).
I opted for the Godumba Rotimeal, which was 2 Sri Lankan flatbreads (one Plain and one egg) served with devilled potatoes.

The Roti were soft in the middle and crisper round the edges - the plain one was nice, but a bit bland. i much preferred the egg one (basically the same, but made with an egg inside), which was delicious. Both I had with the devilled potatos (potatos, onions, chili, curry leaves, and some spices) which provided a nice kick to accompany the flatbreads - all in all a very tasty and filling lunch. I had it in the restaurant with a nice pot of Sri Lankan tea - and ended up not costing much more than a quickly grilled paninni on the go. I ended up very stuffed and very happy with my lunch choice - most enjoyable!!!
please note the pictures of the food are not acually the food served as I didnt have my camera with me, but I took the time to find pretty identical looking photos of the food served to provide an idea of what it looked like.

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