Sunday, 2 September 2012


Saturday the 1st September - the first day of the West Didsbury festival "Westfest" - a local celebration of the businesses and eateries of Burton Road & the surrounding area. Most of the restaurants had set up outside stalls and were offering some tasty treats (with many free tasters).
We started outside the "A taste of Honey" deli where we had a small free taster pot of potato curry. After a stroll in the glorious sunshine we noticed a bit of a queue outside Frankies Fish bar - yes they were giving out free cones of fish & chips & rum punch - having eaten there previously I knew it was worth the queue for their delicious fish & chips - a good start to our foodie day!

Next up, after a wander up and down the road perousing the stalls, i noticed that the Wok & Flame Chinese had some free & rather tasty spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce on offer.
After all these appetisers we though it might be time to get some lunch! So we headed down to the Thyme Out Deli on Nell Lane - who were having a BBQ along with some live music
 a chap with a guitar singing songs for everyone as they munched on their juicy burgers! Oh and how good the burgers were too!!!
£4 for a proper thick juicy burger with fried onion & proper chunks of freshy cut cheese straight from the block. Whilst waiting for the burger to be cooked we nibbled at the free tasters - some pieces of pork pie & some of the most delicious chicken liver pate ever! Might have to nip back there at some point to purchase a tub of their amazing pate! The burger was divine.
We then had a quick stop off at home (round the corner) to digest our food & a cup of tea. On the way back out we stopped at the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon who were out selling cakes - I indulged in an Eton Mess cup cake that was pretty damn tasty.
We then wandered up to the Drawing room - a small drinking establishment with an excellent jukebox & fantastic cocktails. After 3 or 4 cocktails and a vote on where to go for dinner we decided on Piccalinos - however they were full til 9.30pm, so we went for a curry at the Dhoop Shack. I'm very glad we ended up there as the curries were great - the fish curry and "mum's chicken" in particular were truly delicious. A splendid end to our day/evening at Westfest.

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